The Missing Step in Successful Google Ad Campaigns

Keep Ad Money From Flying Out the Window

What would you say if you knew your competitors were paying half as much to boost their ads to the top of the search results page?

Premium ad placement is clearly about more than being the highest bidder. So what’s the difference between you and them?

By optimizing the following often-overlooked part of your ad campaign, you can easily reduce advertising costs – while increasing returns.

Optimized Landing Pages Decrease Google Ad Costs

Google rates each of your ads with a Quality Score. A huge part of this score is based on the landing page your ad links to.

To improve the Quality Score, your landing page needs:


Clear relevance and consistency between the landing page and the ad’s message.


Loads quickly on any device so visitors don’t leave before your page is even visible.


Keep visitors reading and taking actions like clicking links, leaving contact info, calling, and buying.

Google scores your ad higher if they think your visitors will have a better experience on your ad’s landing page. As your score goes up, they charge you less to place your ads at the top of the search results.

This gives you a competitive advantage in marketing costs. Quick Ads is a landing page-Google Ads combination that can lower your advertising costs by hundreds or thousands of dollars a month in the long run.

Deliver a Consistent Ad-Landing Page Experience

Google does its best to deliver the most relevant ads to searchers. If visitors leave your landing page after only a glance, Google marks down your Quality Score for not offering what visitors want.

Make sure visitors know know they’ve arrived at the right place. Keep the message between your ad and your landing page consistent. This is best accomplished by designing your landing page and ads together as one campaign.

Faster Landing Pages By Design

If your landing page is too slow, visitors may leave before it even loads. Google will slash your Quality Score for wasting their time.

Many factors such as image size, plugins, hosting, optimization for specific devices, programming code, and more can affect loading speed. Make sure your web designer and host can provide solutions that improve speed.

Engage With Well-Written Landing Pages

A poorly written page can send visitors running, no matter the relevance of the content.

But a well-written page will keep visitors scrolling down and reading, clicking links, leaving their contact info, and purchasing products. Your Quality Score goes up when visitors stay longer and are more engaged.

Optimized Landing Pages Boost Sales

Optimized landing pages have another huge benefit: increasing conversion rates.

Not only do optimized landing pages draw more ad traffic, but visitors are more likely to buy your products once they find you. A good landing page both saves money and sells products.

Quick Pages Landing Pages for AdWords

Quick Pages are landing pages tailor-made to be highly relevant, fast, and professionally written – saving you hundreds of dollars a month in advertising.

Work with our marketing experts to design and implement your paid ad campaign.

We set up the entire marketing funnel for you, including:

  • Strategizing the best use for your advertising dollars
  • Keyword research
  • Google Ads setup and ad design
  • Landing page design and copywriting
  • Powerful hosting for fast-loading pages
  • Ad campaign maintenance

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