Launch Your Online Marketing – Fast

Bypass the Staggering Costs and Delays of a Conventional Website

The average professional website costs $5,000-$10,000 and takes 2-6 months to build.

Even simple changes like the addition of a page can take weeks for a busy agency. Or you can spend hours doing it yourself – if you know how.

Meanwhile, lost sales opportunities pile up. What if instead, you could start your online marketing in just one day?

Rapidly and Affordably Launch Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Quick Pages setup is simple by design.

Work with our marketing experts to flesh out a marketing campaign, then your landing page goes live within 24 hours.

Or, if you have the marketing and design expertise in-house, use our premium tools to save and do it yourself!

Quick Pages grow your online presence a page at a time in order to:

  • Build email lists
  • Create paid ad campaigns
  • Inform customers of services and promotions
  • Sell products directly from your site

Results are direct and easy to measure. We deliver regular reports right to your inbox to help you monitor return on your marketing dollars.

Quick Pages Bring All the Pieces Together

Quick Pages are more than just landing pages. They come with a marketing system designed to help you move leads through the sales funnel – from introduction to final sale.

Landing Pages

Rapidly launch unlimited, beautifully-designed pages. Inexpensively micro-target buyers and conduct A/B testing.


Take the guesswork out of your marketing returns. We deliver tailored reporting that serves as the basis of sound business decisions.

Integrated Systems

Quick Pages optionally includes integration with leading mailers and CRMs to complete your marketing and sales system.

Marketing Expertise

Outsource your marketing. We help you implement effective marketing funnels and can even teach you how to do it yourself.

Optimized Hosting

Our landing page hosting is optimized for page loading time, traffic spikes, and security. It’s part of what makes Quick Pages so quick.

Hassle-free Setup

We reduce setup by dozens of hours with streamlined processes and support from marketing professionals.

Optimized Landing Pages –

Save Money, Boost Sales

Standard websites face an impossible task – one website has to be designed to appeal to all kinds of customers.

Quick Pages landing pages allow you to address the distinct needs of each customer. This reduces design costs and greatly increases conversion rates.

Did you know an optimized landing page decreases your bid price for paid ads? And it increases your rate of sales to boot.

Razor-focused landing pages also make it easy to build and segment email lists by customer interests. This efficiently builds an audience that’s hungry for your products.


Typically, you only get to test your website’s effectiveness after the grand opening – several months and thousands of dollars after you put the order in.

If it misses the mark, it might take months more of adjustments and redesign to draw traffic and make sales.

Why not start selling immediately instead, and fine tune while you grow your online marketing, rather than after?

Quick Pages allow you to affordably build your marketing one piece at a time, and to start generating revenue while you move on to the next piece.

That way, each marketing step funds the next step. And by the time your marketing operations are full-fledged, every part is already honed and working together.

Start Building Your Online Presence Today


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